BBS I - Berufsbildende Schule Wolfsburg

Gruber Popp Architekten BDA
6 days

Schools are booming. Wolfsburg to the artisan district located in the redevelopment area vocational schools I (BBS I) to be modernized and restructured. A similar competition for the expansion and restructuring of the house of A BBS I was now decided. The judges – including the architect Walter Nägeli (Berlin) and Ansgar Schulz (Leipzig) – chaired by Jan Störmer awarded the prizes.

The competition task: The Organised by intends to modernize the redevelopment area artisan district located in Wolfsburg vocational schools I and restructure.

The old house of A is to be transformed in some areas and an extension was erected. School yard and entrance area to be redesigned. The purpose of the competition is to obtain alternative solutions for expansion and exterior design.

The overall objective is to create a functional, high-quality school, and an appreciation of the neighborhood by creating newly designed outdoor spaces.